SentiCon Security

Global Technology & Business Cybersecurity Experts

Specializing in creating security and risk mitigation strategies to help organizations drive revenue.

A Global Cybersecurity Consultancy Firm

Founded in 2004, SentiCon is a boutique provider of cybersecurity and technology risk mitigation consulting services. With decades of experience throughout the US, Latin America, and Europe, we bring a unique approach to solving your cyber risk challenges. Our consultants are former CISOs and risk executives who bring career-long perspectives to solve today's cybersecurity challenges.

Today's enterprises are faced with unprecedented regulatory challenges. While technology changes continue unabated, the litany of federal and state cybersecurity and privacy regulations is causing organizations of all sizes to deal with an elevated level of accountability. Our consultants can provide the unique perspective of decades of real-world experience to help organizations satisfy the new cybersecurity mandates in ways that support ongoing revenue growth.

Securing your business, effectively

Our experience, as practitioners and consultants, brings a unique perspective to the work we do. We have spent years building security programs, managing global teams, and overseeing substantial budgets. We understand the need to provide business value and support those initiatives that drive revenue. We firmly believe that the best security programs are a balance of people, processes, and technology orchestrated uniquely for each individual organization. 

Security is no longer just about technology. Developing a risk-centric organization is critical to the overall success of the business. Board direction, regulatory changes, and business drivers are key aspects of a holistic security program. Our Management Consulting practice can help you align your cyber risk efforts into a cohesive, revenue-driving function.

While cyber risk encompasses many topics, its foundation remains based on technology. Understanding the risks faced by technology decisions is crucial in determining the best approach to mitigation. Our Technology Consulting practice not only can assist in understanding what security risks are inherent within your infrastructure, but we can also help you understand the efficacy of your security toolset.